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10 Best Uses Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has grown as an unconventional social networking site for business and employment oriented people with over 500 million accounts in recent times.
One might wonder, what is there on LinkedIn apart from being a vast online job search portal. Here is where we are mistaken. LinkedIn today is more than that- it helps an individual grow both personally and professionally. let’s take a look at what it can do for you

Study The Market 

LinkedIn has individuals or company pages from various industries. Hence, learning about them keeps you updated about the latest trends in the market. If you are running a company then this also gives you an opportunity to learn about your competitors, advent of new technology in the market, latest trends marketing tips, customer expectations and the list goes on. Try to make the best of these and implement them.

Build Relationships 

Try to nurture your relationships here and reap the benefits later. A warm approach with a greetings message, which is a little more than Hi X, I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.” and showing interest in their work can take you a long way ahead. You’ll not only get to learn about their work but also learn things that you could implement in your business or personal life.

Create Your Mailing List 

Yes, you heard it right. LinkedIn provides you to develop a huge mailing list from your connections as it allows you to import your contacts. This contains valuable information such as their names, email ids, designation etc. Use this list as a tactic for lead generation.

Marketing And Business Development

According to statistics, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn and about 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. A good read can attract traffic from people from your industry or even potential clients. You can use your profile and your network to provide a touchdown for your potential customers by demonstrating your knowledge and skills.

Job Hunt 

According to LinkedIn statistics, profiles with at least 5 skills listed on their profiles receive up to 17 times more views on their profiles.Hence, it is imperative to have an impressive LinkedIn profile. Also, adding a professional can get you up to 36 times more messages. These increase your chances of getting a call back from companies.


LinkedIn today has become a vast job search portal. Either you are an established company or a startup LinkedIn is the place where you should look for specialists. LinkedIn helps you find desirable candidates with specific skill set and experience that you are looking for. It is more than an online job portal, a LinkedIn profile tells you more about an applicant than her resume.

Event Marketing 

Organizing events is a great way to market your brand and LinkedIn provides you the perfect platform to do so. The content, long-form posts, that you publish is listed as LinkedIn posts on your profile and is shared with your connections. These posts should include the details of the intention behind the event, the key speakers, the venue details, the date and time. Other ways to do this is by making groups, sending targeted LinkedIn invitations, share as your company updates and also via personal messages.

Groups And Communities 

LinkedIn is a great way to tap existing communities built around topics of similar interests. LinkedIn groups keep you updated about the latest trends in the industry. You can either join different groups or form your own groups related to the areas of your interest. This will help you to expand your circle of connections and also add value to your profile.

Company Pages 

Company pages can prove to be a powerful tool to research about companies that you want to work with or your competitors. You can also create a page for your company with your company’s description, website address, and office address. To add value to your page you can also add information related to your products and services, job openings and information related to the recruitment process.

Save Profile

LinkedIn account apart from being your online resume can also be your official resume. On LinkedIn you have the option to export profile as pdf, hence the user does not have to go through the hassle of creating a mundane resume, which you can also take a print of and use during your interviews. Companies can also use the feature to save profiles of the candidates they like.
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