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10 Simple SEO Tools


Google has been trying to help us make our lives easier. Hence, to achieve this it keeps refining the algorithms to provide its users better results.

But with Google’s various algorithms coming out for page ranking, trust me it has become difficult for me to keep a track of all the factors.
We are thankful we have some these free tools that come handy to help us write better content and make our website better.

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Google PageSpeed Insights :
With PageSpeed Insights you can identify ways to make your site faster and more mobile-friendly. It helps you test the speed of your site on different devices.
PageSpeed Insights checks if the page has applied common best practices and accordingly scores them, ranging from 0 to 100 points.
Based on this score the page falls into 3 categories

 Moz Local Listing Score :

The listing score tool of Moz gives you an overall listing of how your business looks online. It gathers data from 15 sources to give you a complete picture of your business along with actionable fixes if required. It measures accuracy, duplicates, completeness and claims status across all partner sites.


Keyword tool helps you come up with keywords long tail keywords in alphabetical order

Wayback machine 

Want to go back in time? Well, of course not literally, but with the help of this tool, you can go back to the date of inception of a website and check for screenshots on different time intervals.

Google trends

It is one of Google’s free tools which shows how often a search term is entered compared to other searches. This can help you to access the market trends in your industry and help you analyze changes in search query behavior.

Google Search Console 

Google analytics is the most valuable SEO tool. It helps you analyze the visitors that visit your site and how they interact with it.
Google Search Console helps you keep a track of the number of the visitors who visit your website.
It analyses the source of your traffic, as in whether it is desktop computer or mobile, the popular pages on your site. It can also help you find and fix website errors, submit a sitemap, and create and check a robots.txt file.


Want to keep an eye your competitor? Want to know where they are getting backlinks from? Want to know which content is most popular out there on the web?
The answer to all these is Ahrefs. It has helped thousands of online marketers, small business owners, SEO’s to help improve their ranking. 
The content explorer helps them search the web to find out what their competitors are writing on.


Seobility helps you gauge your website’s overall SEO optimization. It basically helps in SEO Audit. They have 4 tools :
  1. SEO check: checks your website’s SEO and gives tips for better SEO.
  2. Keyword Check: helps you optimize your page for your target keywords.
  3. SEO Compare: helps you compare 2 pages for a keyword term
  4. Ranking Check: checks your page’s ranking for any keyword.
They offer free plans only for one single domain.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a keyword research and competitor research tool. They took competitor research to another to another level by providing more 20 ways to research about your competition.
Here, you can find their best backlinks, best keywords, best content, and more.

Free Online Checker 

It is cumbersome to check for broken links Free online Checker is a tool which checks your website for broken links and tells you which of your hyperlinks are dead. This tool also shows you exactly where they are in your HTML Code.
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